R.I.S.E. Academy


Rise Academy Slides

Solicitud/ Convenio General

SP 2021-2022 RISE Academy Intake and Master Agreement - SPANISH (1).pdf


Application/ Master Agreement

ENG 2021-2022 RISE Academy Intake and Master Agreement.docx.pdf


If interested Please Fill Out the Hollister Rise Academy Enrollment Packet

Please drop off these documents at your School Site Office or outside in the Secure Drop Box at the front of each School.

Want to disenroll your student from R.I.S.E.? No problem, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Complete the following form Independent Studies Disenrollment Form

Step 2: Send an email to abustamante@hesd.org stating your request to return to in-person instruction. Include your child's full name and school of residence.

Step 3: Mrs. Bustamante will arrange your child's return to in-person instruction and contact you with the return details.